Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hull Fundamental Of Futures Manual


The story has already been told, retold and retold a thousand times. Everyone knows that once a certain German city was plagued by mice. It goes without saying that the mayor offered a reward to get rid of them, or that passes near a river Hamelin which derat the problem. At the end of the day, it is known that mammals do not have gills and it was expected that any mouse will complicate the issue of breathing underwater. Fortunately, no one remembers what is the subject of magic and the flute is pure fiction. Well, actually "Almost" no, because the mice had indeed always present the other side of the story, but we've taken good care not to disclose and to prevent humans from falling into the account of his forgetfulness.
usually ignored the Pied Piper of Hamelin was known long before thousands of members of our species appeared in the city. In fact, never knew playing the flute or any musical instrument: a barely managed to whistle three notes in tune, which only happened when I was very nervous or too angry. Just was only doing what he did best: kneading and baking flutes. If he had also been an expert in manufacturing felipes, Miñones fat or fine breads, the story probably would have been different. But luckily in Hamelin had a single baker, and the young man had a very limited ability. As the rodents we love the crumbs, the mice of the city used to spend hours hunting through the flute business. And as the boy not much liked the idea of \u200b\u200bsharing their pipes with them, the bakery was filled with rat poison granulites attractive, agile cats and tricky traps scented gruyere cheese. Poison and trappers had always been successful. Cats not so much because they slept a lot and at the slightest neglect, eat up occasional croissant. But things got serious when he came the plague of mice.
Although in truth it was not exactly a plague, but rather the massive attendance of relatives and friends to the wedding of the mouse with the mouse González García, rooted both in Hamelin for some years. There was no size rodent that would miss the event. The festivities are spread over a month and the patience of citizens at the same time exhausted food reserves. It is true that the mayor offered a reward for a solution, but it is false that the piper is proposed to get rid of mice. The event itself was more luck than strategy. With the bakery impassable rodenticide trappers and empty bottles, tired of new visitors devour even the bags of flour kept in the tank, flutist decided that enough was enough. She wanted to scream with indignation, but could only articulate the usual three notes, with such bad luck for our species, that when they are released hit him with the elbow at a bottle on the table and the contents scattered over the body of mice present. Yes, it was exactly what was inside the container. As no human being should know and all rodent knows well, is quite harmful to us. We barely grazes suffered a terrible allergy start to sneeze in the middle of an unbearable itching and it is impossible to avoid immediate infection. Evil expands in seconds, and can only calm water. That is the reason that all the mice ended up in the river Hamelin. But it is true that they have drowned. Cured of the itch and before the wedding festivities interrupted, simply swam to the other side and returned to their homes.
However, in Hamelin word spread that the decision had left the bakery. And over time people began to forget that the piper musical ear was less than the cat after the episode Herminio the wall. Humans love myth, and it seems that the Greeks had one about Orpheus, a musician can be followed up by rocks and trees with his talent. Obviously, not long to mix the two stories. And humans also love stories that are appropriate and allow their children to learn good things, almost immediately loved the bad example of the mayor retracted his promise.
For us, it goes without saying that the misunderstanding of the flute came to us barbaric, because the adults and children focus on the moral, will ignore the contents of those bottles-nothing magical and never absent in any kitchen can annihilate.


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