Saturday, May 7, 2011

Honeywell Ct2700a Thermostat

I'm going back to kiss you on the sly. In a hurried breath, close, threat, saying the name that is not yours but many love to repeat it. Today more than ever I can say, give it to you, sew it into the vastness of your being. Slowly and little by little again have you, feel you, kiss you. Secretly love, love between letters and chocolate. I'll draw you back under my fingertips. Dive into your scalp without thinking of the later. Succionarte in a puff puff me, lighten me, hitting me your soul. That infect a single hit us and lead us. I will return to soar, to break you, to create you. Drop down, let yourself win, let yourself be you. I will become addicted, climb to the top and stay on your skin. Let yourself go, let yourself love, let yourself feel, laugh, desired. Dejate return.


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