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visit to Argentina Tamura Sensei

The Art of Peace: Wisdom in the art

For the first time in Argentina and a few times seen in the world, Nobuyoshi Tamura Shihan - a direct disciple of O'Sensei (Morihei Ueshiba) - and Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan - 8th Dan-issued a joint seminar at the Center Galicia, on Calle Bartolomé Mitre Capital Federal where he placed a tatami 1500 square meters and there was Red Marcial. This event took place on 10 and 11 November.

"It exceeded all expectations, it met everything organized in time and, well, we all had a great weekend. We highlight the excellent organization and professor who delivered the Shihan" said Leonardo Sakanashi Sensei, 4th Dan, who along with Shihan Sakanashi Maasafumi , 6 º Dan and Director of the Center for Dissemination of Aikido (CDA), organized this popular seminar. More than a thousand

aikidokas of Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, Chile, Uruguay, Spain, Holland, France, Germany and other parts of Argentina met on 10 and 11 November to receive and train with two great figures from the world of Aikido, in what was one of the best seminars in the country .

note is the effort that was made from the beginning of the year "When you are organizing should address both the teachers are good, but also the convenience of practitioners. In order to complete a good seminar everyone needs to be well, so you try to stop all armed " Sakanashi Shihan said in one of the last interviews in the middle, before the seminar.

Back to basics

Over Both teachers were impressed with his technique, in the kind of Tamura Sensei, training consisted, first of breaths (which favor the vital organs), followed of ukemis (fall) and advanced techniques of stretching attack. Kokyuho ended with a technique that serves to handle the opponent's strength. Yamada Sensei

continued the seminar with iriminage techniques (defense) from different attacks, the quest for precision in the basic techniques, such as morotetori kokyuho and yokomenuchi shihonage (5 º kyu techniques) to finish with the free practice ever since yokomenuchi attacking (attacking the neck with the palm).

After practice, were invited to share refreshments with a group of teachers and thus be able to talk face to face. There, students evacuated doubts about the true meaning of Aikido.

Then, Tamura Shihan, between his ideas expressed "What you think his head is becoming little by little .. actually is not thinking about nothing started practicing, I achieve the same between thought and reality, if you feel internally that are going to see another world .. . Have to go looking for the feeling within the movement or joy within that movement, that way I think is the aikido "

Interview with teachers

Marcial Red covered the event from start to end, so that also gave him a talk time with teachers lecturers, who commented expectations of their visit and bequeathed their full wisdom.

For his part, Yamada Shihan said "I have come to renew friendship within and off the mat, I have nothing new to teach, and the most important thing is always back to basics, in aikido, it is important to repeat the same things " said.

Similarly, added" It is not my first time in Argentina, but this year I would like to visit the Iguazu Falls, I feel at home and probably returned by the end of next year "

On the other hand, Tamura Shihan said humble spirit" This practice is to train people like me who can understand this idea, start practice understanding the formation, if they are happily continue to practice, if not like, leave insurance, so the important thing is that I enjoy. "

He added " Recently I got but I have really wanted to meet and hear a bit of tango, but I am not a good singer nor a good dancer " joked.

With regard to work together, Tamura Sensei said" When Yamada Sensei saved me many things that I need, I supplement, I I'm not very attentive so I always challenge my wife, and Yamada sensei is very helpful and always saves me. I say this with great humility .

Finally, Tamura Sensei topped the interview with a message to all the world aikidokas "The main thing is to practice for one is happy. Aikido is to look to himself, not that I say or not, whether one likes, is searching and growing every day. Everyone has to find their needs to evolve. Over the years is that one is discovered, there is no precise age "

In conclusion, it is necessary to add that this seminar has become history in the world of Aikido, not only because of success but also the quality of the teachers who deliver it.



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