Thursday, November 22, 2007

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several days ago to not publish anything, it is not disinterest but because I am in a small part in restructuring, and work. In fact the staff is restructured, for better or for worse, is in each one choose the right direction. One

adversity sometimes withdraws psychologically and physically, we feel that the problems we are overwhelmed, we drown, this in turn will generate other problems: pain, contractures, sleep problems, withdrawal their emotional environment, etc ... I did a post with this sort of thing. What I do is just confirm for the umpteenth time, the importance of maintaining the center, focus, clear, the objective in the medium to long term, and with the same clarity of mind, things are ordered and flowing.

Eye, with this I'm not saying that I have clear and there must be a Jedi and all goes well, no, I'm trying to share a method of thinking and sometimes that my life has helped me a lot ... also Sometimes I have hurt, but because I could not administer or handle them accordingly.

Obviously as I explained in a moment, this does not sit around waiting for change, but you need to generate self, going by providing the conditions for change, constantly studying the environment, the reaction of people around us, and keep practicing it that I like is the Aikido ... use the power of another to achieve a goal provided that the purpose not involving harm to anyone. The concept is simple, in aikido we learn constantly to cool the head, and react to an attack in a controlled, strong and beneficial, the same is what I try to transfer to everyday life.

I feel that every time I practice Aikido I'm getting better as a person, may seem too idealistic or too base my thinking, but after all, I think many of the things that happen every day ends working out with basic things, and unfortunately sometimes a tangled and makes them more difficult than they are. It is a simplistic idea is to try to learn to work things out from its origin, "attacking" the base, facing the solution from the root of the problem. I really used a lot.
This is one of the many concepts that I learned of this beautiful martial art that goes far beyond preparing to defend against physical assault, the point is to anticipate, to harness the energy of the "attacker" or add it to the problem and mine own to achieve the double of what I wanted. This applies in all areas of our lives.

Sounds simple, I said that not always possible, but certainly today could have gone much further than I am, but nobody is going to head out this long and difficult path allows me to be better every day. My issue is not aikido practitioner renowned for his ability and physical dexterity or reach astronomical graduations. My goal looks at the concept, the improvement of the individual.

As Sensei says a friend, "Every day I learn something new from everyone and everything" ... I am currently going through a career that brings me great satisfaction on the one hand and many disappointments on the other, I will not go into details, and thanks to aikido I'm getting to the balance always positive. This is neither the formula let alone success, is purely and simply the description of my daily experience.

My intention is to thank life for giving me this opportunity of learning, having known many people who gave me many things and having the family I have, but sometimes seems not to value their support and affection. Sorry

catharsis, on the other hand I have received many comments about the blog is intended for people who love to understand or practice of a martial art ... well, so my idea is to share and disseminate knowledge, is the expression of my passion ... do not have to read it or to approve it. We

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