Tuesday, July 1, 2008

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professional deformation - ikkyo

missed my vocation as a doctor and my love of physics and mechanics lead me to seek other interpretations of some techniques.

Today I found several documents made by physicians (mostly practitioners of Aikido) and it seems that for some engineer also (apparently more upset than me), that add flavor to the concept of Ikkyo.
Some of the things I read opened my head and even made me think that I have not mastered a very basic and so complicated at a time (to paraphrase Sensei Adolfo).

transcribe a summary of several things, armed in the form of a single idea.

The idea is to see the ikkyo, sankyo nikyo and techniques not only anatomical but as geometric principles equivalent to a fastball, a curve and a spiral.


The chief instructor of the Aikido club, Univ of Texas (orthopedic doctor) said that any variant of ikkyo perform the same function and serve the same purpose, the shoulder of the attacker move forward enough to tip up to the hip. Once a system moves away from its support structure, the collapse is inevitable.
This concept is primary, and covers all types of attack and all sorts of defensive technique.

Here the concept of gravity as a vertical line along which the objects should be aligned if we intend to keep them standing. Ikkyo applied, this line will to be the "fall vector, which lacks support structure and which does not act any other force that generates a time forward (a lever forward).

We can extend this principle of the straight line to another example. An attacker who has the intention of attacking anyone, "draws" a straight line between him and his goal (no matter how you reach your goal.) If the victim manages to interpret that line, or perceived, can act accordingly before it's physical contact between them. A Ikkyo applied for this level of perception will have no other consequence than success.
Thus, this straight "Attraction" between aggressor and victim constitutes the first basic principle. Understanding this will allow us to build the foundation for the rest of the techniques.

closing, the simplest form of Ikkyo is understood as an extended arm by removing the shoulder and body support his point, and then lowering it, without twisting or bending the arm.

Thus we can classify the Ikkyo in Aikido as a one-dimensional technique.


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