Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tendonitis Effects On Body Systems

Technical terms - Nikky -

continue with the second basic technique of withholding or secondary school, the Nikkyo. Conceptually
involves two things: 1) retain and 2) cause pain. Separating these two concepts because they can be given separately, independently, meaning that I can cause pain in the wrist of the uke but not in retaining or even have the chance to escape grip and vice versa, I can keep him in a position where if you stand still, no pain.

The Nikkyo is the twist of the wrist in order to comply with the two previous concepts. Sometimes the torsion also occurs in the elbow, to assist the successful completion of nikkyo.

mechanism is very simple, meaning "play" with the wrist and elbow joints in the opposite direction for which they were designed, you can imagine that causes a very intense color and do it with violence cause dislocation or fracture.

There are ways to escape the nikkyo if not properly controlled or firm. One can facilitate such rotation of the wrist and elbow, accompanying them in their movement until the nage imbalance causing him to lose control of the wrist, and then remove the arm or generate a wide circular movement can lead us to apply the same nikkyo who until now was nage. For this you must relax your arm very well and sometimes endure some initial pain in the wrist. If uke is very sensitive to pain and reacts rapidly with ukemi, it will be difficult to escape from this technique, which once established, is terribly effective.

We were all touched to be several days or even weeks with wrist pain after several intensive training nikkyo. Obviously this is part of the temple you need a good artist martial. That pain is the one to capitalize on is the pain that trains and prepares us for a bit to tackle our problems.
If one gives up quickly to the pain, the problem goes beyond it. If one keeps the mind and body relaxed, the pain is less and we can apply the contratécnica that will allow us to solve the problem.
I invite you to practice a nikkyo thoroughly and test these two forms, that education will leave us is very comforting.
When we relax, we join the nage and we apply the contratécnica, we have a very particular sense of strength. On a few occasions of everyday life will have this kind of experience, and yet it is real and verifiable.

For those who see it from outside without knowing or having tried the technique, it can sometimes seem a theatrical movement, but if you have an acquaintance who practice Aikido, try to ask you to apply a controlled manner nikkyo and verify what I say. My taste is one of the techniques when I get more satisfaction out well, because the sensation of pain is very sharp and almost instantly compels us to throw ourselves on the mat.

leave a video showing nikkyo variants.


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