Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gay Cruising In Disney

por Luis Llach y Pedro Guerra
(free version in English of Gabriel Brown)

If you say "goodbye"
want the day is crisp and clear that no bird
break the harmony of their song

wish you good luck and find what
you missing me.

If I say I love you, I want the sun
make the day much longer time
to steal and
while a clock without hands

Hopefully we'll get lucky, hopefully find

............................... all that we needed yesterday.

Grab all the fruit the way
path to tomorrow
little I can offer. Tomorrow

the fruits that came to pass

those steps are not going to be.

.............. Dale
...................... despite the fog
...................... have to walk.

And if you come with me,
not ask for a clear path
Silver Surfer do not ask.

not wait for a morning full of promises. Wait

only, with a little luck,
life would make the road very long

Que Tinguem Sort

Si em dius adéu,
vull que el dia sigui net i clar,
que cap ocell
trenqui l'harmonia del seu cant.

Que tinguis sort
i que trobis el que t'ha mancat
en mi.

Si em dius "et vull",
que el sol faci el dia molt més llarg,
i així, robar
temps al temps d'un rellotge aturat.

Que tinguem sort,
que trobem tot el que ens va mancar

I així pren tot el fruit que et pugui donar
el camí que, a poc a poc, escrius per a demà.
Què demà mancarà el fruit de cada pas;
per Therefore, despite the fog, you must walk.

If you come with me, do not ask
a flat road,
or silver stars,
nor a tomorrow full of promises, only
a little luck, and
that life gives us a very long way


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