Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lorena Herrera En Traje De Baño

Philologie ist die Kunst zu lesen langsam

F. Nietzsche, "Morgenröthe" Vorrede 5, in Sämtliche Werke. Kritische Studienausgabe (KSA) 3, hg. G. von Colli und M. Montinari, Munich (1980, 1988) Neuausgabe 1999, Seite 17.
(free version in English by Gabriela Brown)
philology is that venerable art who practice it requires one thing above all, out of the way, given time, become quiet, go slow "is like the art of metal working, but applied to the knowledge of words: a trade must be exercised with simplicity, precision, care, and in which no results are obtained if we proceed slowly. That is why the philology is now more necessary than ever, precisely because it draws us and seduces us with such insistence amidst this era of "work", the speed, the obscene and sweaty haste he wants "all figured out" immediately, including new and old books. Philology itself does not solve anything so easy: it teaches to read well, that is, to read slowly, deeply, with care and prudence, to read ulterior motives, with the doors open, read with tenderness eyes and fingers ...

"Philologie ist nämlich jene ehrwürdige Kunst, welche von ihrem vor Allem verehren heischt Eins, bei Seite gehn, sich Zeit lassen, still werden, langsam werden - als eine und-kennerschaft Goldschmiedekunst des Worte, die loud fine and careful work has nothing to dismiss achieved if they do not reach lento. Just so, but it is needed today more than ever, precisely because it attracts and fascinates us the most, in the middle of an age of 'work', will say that the hurry, of indecent and perspiring haste, which are the same with everything ready ' will, with every old and new book: - it is even not so easy any which finished she teaches to read well, that is, slow, deep, back and carefully, with ulterior motives, read left open doors, with delicate fingers and eyes ... "


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