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The Art of Peace

As simple celebration of my birthday, I give you an excerpt from this wonderful text Ueshiba O Sensei, with lots of content zen ... enjoy it.

The Art of Peace begins with you. Work on yourself and the task you assigned in the Art of Peace. Everyone has a spirit that can be refined, a body that can be trained in a certain way, a suitable path to follow. You are here with the sole purpose of realizing your inner divinity and manifest your innate enlightenment. Stokes peace in your own life and then apply the art to everything you find.
No need buildings, money, power or prestige to practice Art of Peace. The sky is exactly where you stand and that is the place to train. All things, material and spiritual, arising from the same source and are related as if they were a family. The past, present and future are contained in the life force. The universe emerged and developed from a single source, and we evolved through the optimal process of unification and harmonization.
The Art of Peace is medicine for a sick world. In the world there are evil and disorder because people have forgotten that all things emanate from one source. Return to that source and leave behind all self-centered thought, every desire petty and all anger. Those possessed by nothing possess everything.

If you have not joined the real emptiness

never understand The Art of Peace

ElArte of Peace works everywhere on earth, from the vastness of space to the smallest plant or animal smaller . The life force is all-pervasive and its strength is limited. The Art of Peace allows us to perceive and use this vast reservoir of universal energy.

Eight forces sustain creation: Movement and stillness
Solidification and fluidity, Extension and contraction
Unification and division.

Life is growth. If we stop the growth technique and spiritually, we are as useful as corpses. Art of Peace is a celebration of the bond of heaven, earth and mankind. It's all true, good and beautiful. Again and again you'll need to withdraw from deep mountains and hidden valleys to restore your relationship with the source of life. Inhale and let raise to the edge of the universe; loop and let the cosmos back inside you. Then aspires fertility and vitality of the earth. Finally, combining the breath of heaven and the breath of earth with your own, transformándote in the Breath of Life itself.

All the principles of heaven and earth are living inside you. Life itself is the truth and this will never change. Everything in heaven and on earth, breathe. Breath is the thread that binds to the creation and holds it together. When the myriad variations of the universal breath can be perceived, born individual techniques of the Art of Peace.

Consider the ebb and flow of the tide. When the waves come to strike the shore, rise and fall causing a sound. Your breath should follow the same pattern, absorbing the entire universe in your belly with each inhalation. Know that everyone has access to four treasures: the energy from the sun and moon, the breath of heaven, the breath of the earth and the ebb and flow of the tide.

Those who practice the art Peace must protect the realm of Mother Nature, the divine reflection of creation, and keep it beautiful and fresh. The quality of the Warrior gives rise to the natural beauty. The subtle techniques of a warrior arise as naturally as they appear in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The quality of the warrior is not nothing but the vitality that sustains all life.

When life is victorious, there is birth, when impaired, there is death. The warrior is permanently dedicated to a life or death struggle for Peace.

contemplates the works of this world, listen to the words of the wise and take everything that is good as own. With this as base, open your own door to truth. No despise the truth that is right before you. Observe how water flows in a valley stream, smoothly and freely between the rocks. Learns from the holy books and wise people. Everything - including rivers and mountains, plants and trees - should be your teacher. Create

getting dressed every day again with heaven and earth, wisdom and love you bathing getting high in the heart of Mother Nature.

not let
learn from The pure voice of Arroyo

That mountain springs eternal rocks Splash

Peace originates with the flow of things, your heart is like the movement of wind and waves. The Way is like the veins that circulate blood through our bodies, following the natural course of life force. If you are separated even a bit of the divine essence, you're away from the Path.

Your heart is full of fertile seeds waiting to sprout. Just as a lotus flower emerges from the mud at its best, the interaction of cosmic breath causes the flower spirit to bear fruit in this world. Study the teachings of the pine, bamboo and plum blossom. The pine is evergreen, firmly rooted and venerable. Bamboo is strong, resistant unbreakable. The plum blossom is vigorous, fragrant and elegant. Always keep your mind as bright and clear as the vast sky, the great ocean and the highest peak, empty of all thought. Always keep your body full of light and heat. Filled yourself with the power of wisdom and enlightenment. As soon as you take care of "good" and "evil" of your fellows, you create an opening in your heart by coming malice. Browse compete and criticize others will weaken and defeat you.

The penetrating brilliance of swords held by the followers of the road, hit the evil enemy hidden deep inside their own bodies and souls.
The Art of Peace is not easy. Is a fight to the end, the killing of evil desires and falsehood interior. Sometimes, the Voice of Peace resounds like thunder, jolting human beings and taking them out of their lethargy.

crystal clear, sharp and bright
, sacred sword

The site does not support
To accommodate evil.

To practice properly the Art of Peace, you must: Calm the spirit and
return to the source.
Delete all malice, selfishness and desire to cleanse the body and spirit.
feel eternal gratitude for the gifts received from the universe, your family, Mother Nature and your peers.

The Art of Peace is based on Big Four Virtues: Courage, Wisdom, Love and Friendship, symbolized by Fire, Heaven, Earth and Water.
The essence of the Art of Peace is to cleanse your being with malice, in harmony with your environment and clear your path of all obstacles and barriers. The only cure

couple materialism is the cleansing of the six senses (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind). If the senses are clogged, the perception is blurred. The more turbid the perception, the more you pollute the senses. This creates disorder in the world and that is the greatest evil. Refine your heart, free the six senses and let them function without obstruction, and your whole body and soul shine.

All life is a manifestation of the spirit, the manifestation of love. And the Art of Peace is the purest form of that principle. A warrior is responsible for stopping all discussion and all fight. Universal love functions in different ways, each manifestation must be allowed free expression. The Art of Peace is true democracy.

Each and every one of the masters, regardless of time or place, received the call and attained harmony with heaven and earth. There are many paths that lead to the summit of Mount Fuji, but there is only one summit: love. The loyalty and devotion are the brave. Courage leads to the spirit of sacrifice. The spirit of sacrifice creates trust in the power of love.

The economy is the foundation of society. When the economy is stable, society develops. The ideal economy unites the spiritual and material, and the best trade goods which are sincerity and love.

The Art of Peace does not rely on weapons or brute force to succeed, instead we fine-tuned with the universe, maintain peace in our areas, nurture life and avoid death and destruction. The true meaning of the term samurai is one who serves and adheres to the power of love .

houses and refines the warrior spirit while serving
your service in the world;
Illuminates the Path according to the interior light.

The Path of Peace is extremely broad, reflecting the intent of both worlds, manifest and hidden. The Warrior is the living temple of the divine, which is to serve that purpose. Your mind should be harmonized with the workings of the universe, your body, the movement of the universe, body and mind form a unit that is unified with the activity of the universe. Even though our Path is completely different from the warrior arts of the past is not necessary to abandon totally the old ways. Absorb venerable traditions in the new Art Magazine with fresh clothes and builds on classic styles to create better forms. Dear


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