Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Symptoms Of A Copd Exaserbation

Gigantomachie Out of Africa Graeca

Claudius Claudianus
English-language version free Gabriela
If ever, when sailing through the sea of \u200b\u200bblack eyes, suspended my soul to the troubled depths of the high sea, came to me begging the sea gods and blessed, having blown my voice, calmed the waves powered by winds, the cry of the wind stopped and he was glad the navigator to foresee that manifested the help of a great divinity; so now, Phoebus, "for you as you approach the poet-god that you plead eloquent human voice talents of the arrival in port. Seme supportive and listen, because when you are positive there is less fear and more hope.
is now spread all over the sea of \u200b\u200bthe city of Alexander, the countless waves of the crowd waving against each other and I experienced poet, having been entrusted to the ship as a sailor server Helicon the Muses, I I head for the competition and I like singing stowage.
And if your design, enabling gods, blowing the applause please for my verses ...
Gigantomaquia Griega
por Claudio Claudiano
. If any man
potέ me kyanopin epiplώnti thάlassan
and fresi thamvήsanti kykώmena vέnthea Pontos
efxasthai makάressin esήlythen einalίoisi,
thonis he ptamέnis anemotrefes esveto wave
lώfisen d anέmoio voή, he gήthise naύtis
ossomenos megάloio θεοῦ παρεοῦσαν ἀρωγήν·
ὣς καὶ ῃῦν δὴ Φοῖβε –σὺ γὰρ θεὸς ἔπλευ ἀοιδῆς–
εὔξομαι αὐδήεντα κατάπλοον εὐεπιάων.
ἵλαθι καί μευ ἄκουσον, ἐπει sέthen evmenέontos
pafroteron dέos is he on 'elpίsi loitέrῃsin.
For as public pέlagos hand Alexάndroio city
pάntothen ektέtatai, and the myrίa kύmata
ornyt peoples' hearing 'allήloisin, I dέ tech clever song also
mousopolos naύtis Elikonίdi IHN pithήsas
mastermind toward Aethlios, fέro d' on aoidήn burden.
But if the gods voulῃsin loading by volunteers ymeίon
imetέrois ymnoisin epipneύseias praise ...


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