Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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Glaciers Act

I would post a blog post of Noter walk on glaciers Act I does little wonder that Argentina has the Perito Moreno Glacier and walked, Spegazzini, and Upsala. Bellezas if exist. As shown in the photo on my blog. I marvel at his image his presence located in the valley. Years of History holds and I'm worried that the destination seems to me important to remember, identify and do something for the law to leave for the preservation and conservation of the Glaciers, and not another way to destroy the heritage of everyone, not just Argentina, but the world, for this marvel is in Argentina but is visited by thousands of foreign tourists. Be aware then about what happens on this issue. Source http://noterodeapie.blogspot.com/2010/05/colegas-de-critica-en-los-martin-fierro.html # links Sunday April 11, 2010 and Beatriz
Bibiloni Krom, two sinister characters that represent the interests of those who destroy our environment and poisoning us and Krom

Bibi, two operators of the destruction of our habitat

As if it were a nightmare to most of the media did not attend, Our Lady President gave the Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development, a sinister character with his study lawyers (Bibi-Cornejo) defended a company that polluted the water in the northern Suburbs (Critical note here), something unheard of!. We talk about Bibiloni unscrupulous, who took office after the inevitable departure of another official opaque kash, Romina Picolotti.
addition to this hellish nightmare, from this blog denounce another grim situation in reference to the subject: the "university professor" in charge of directing the chair of the matter, Legal Status of Natural Resources of the UBA, "Professor" Beatriz Krom, protects and assists legally from his studio Krom & Associates to all foreign groups, and some national ( agglutinated CMEA), which committed the heinous crime of running the open megaminería, a task that is poisoning us all with cyanide, yes sir! .. with cyanide!.
Someone should take action on the matter and expel these scourges of the places that are occupying. We must take the initiative because we know that the government of Cristina, by contrast, facilitates the activity of these "companies" that take our killing natural resources and without putting a penny as tax. Something that does not occur anywhere in the world. Do you understand now why the presidential couple supported the delivery of Santa Cruz's main resource, oil, foreign capital in complicity with the Menem? ...
is our responsibility, so we announced that starting tomorrow Monday 12 April to 16 inclusive will be developed in the sessions against UBA MEGAMINERÍA POLLUTANT. Here we leave the schedule of major activities. Do not miss the information and circulate this touches us all.

debate today by a new Act

Glaciers While the Secretary of Environment and Bibiloni lawyer and professor Beatriz Krom continue their activities with impunity paradoxical (refresh the memory on this link) tomorrow in the annex to the Congress is held a joint meeting of the Committees on Natural Resources and Mining to discuss the various Bills Glacier. This comes after our progressive head of state to veto a law protecting a natural resource itself is scarce in the world more than anyone: Freshwater. Cristina did for the Peter Munk, founder of Barrick Gold and other predators, "entrepreneurs" who have legal coverage of the study Krom & Associates, owned by the owner professors in the subject Legal Status of Natural Resources of the UBA, Dr. Beatriz Krom. Mafiopatológicas features delirium. The appointment is at 16 Hrs In Congress Annex Building, Riobamba and Rivadavia. For more data on the subject entering this note.

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