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Ana, Princess and the Frog

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, a beautiful princess named Celeste.

- What is a kingdom? He asked

Ana Ana is six years old and loves to hear stories, but what she likes is to ask questions.

"A kingdom is like a country. "Said Marcela.

Marcela, the bride of Alexander, the father of Anna is a genius contant stories. Ana why he always tries to read one, while he prepares dinner.

- So we live in a kingdom? "Asked Anne

" No, we live in a country. "Said Marcela.

- What is different? Anne-stressed

"No, not the same. In the realms are kings, countries have presidents. We have a president, we have a king. "Said Marcela.

"No, we have no president, we have the chair. "Nocierto, Dad? -Corrected Ana

"Yes, Anne We have a president. But what I tried to explain Marcela is a king and a president are two different things. To be president, you have to vote and elect the majority of people living in your country. To be king, you have to be the son of another king. "Said Alexander, peeking from the kitchen.

-Ah ... And the king was the father of the first king who elected him? "Ana asked confused.

was silence. Marcela Alexander as looked for help. And then he said: "That happened so long ago that no one remembers. Why do not you keep listening to the story?

Although Ana was not entirely satisfied with the response, Marcela took the time to resume

There was a time in a kingdom far away, a beautiful princess named Celeste. And as her daughter was old enough to marry, the king decided ...

- What is the age to marry? "Interrupted Anne

" Actually, there is an "age to marry." Which means the story is that the princess was not a baby, but a woman and then, if he could marry. "He clarified Marcela, Ana stroking her head, and rushing forward before he could think of a new question.

And as his daughter was old enough to marry, the king decided to invite all the young nobles of the kingdom to dinner in the palace, to Celeste choose between them to the one you liked as a husband.

- What is a noble? "Asked Anne

" A noble was almost like a king or a prince. At that time, the princesses could only marry nobles. "Marcela explained, but noted that Ana did not entirely convinced the answer.

"And if the princess fell in love with someone who was not noble could not marry. Anne-inferred

"Exactly. "Said Marcela. Although Ana was not going to let go with the story without asking two or three things.

"Well, then Princess could go live with the person she wanted without being married and ready, right? As you are with Dad, who are not married. Or as mom and Fabian, who are not married, "said Ana

-No, actually the princess could not move in with someone, had to marry or to live with their parents. "Said Marcela.

And before Anne could ask another question, he hurried to keep reading.

Celeste was very sad, because I did not marry. So sad I was, which had already been several sleepless nights. Then, suddenly, he heard a frog croaking in the garden beneath his window ...

-Ufa, Marcela, stop, I think you already know that story. It's like that other frog prince, right? Better go out to dinner. "Said Ana

After lunch, while Marcela removed the dishes from the table, Ana Alexander asked if he wanted to be finished reading the book I had given my grandmother Nora.

"No, Dad, thanks. Anna replied "It must be like the frog prince. The frog is going to ask Celeste to give you a kiss. Surely after the kiss turns into a girl and ultimately the two are married. All stories with princesses are just boring. Marcela and Alejandro

looked confused.


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