Friday, August 27, 2010

How Can You Tell If It Is Implantation Or Period

A story for wolves

There once was a wolf named Hood and lived with his mother in a burrow hidden in the forest. Hood told him because once a diver became entangled with those with a hood, which someone had forgotten snagged on a branch, and never could get it.

As her grandmother with a cold, Mom Hoodie asked to come to visit, to bring some fresh fruit. Hood was happy, loved to go to the den of his grandmother, because she always made him uninvited insects and pampering at the muzzle.

When it came, the mother told him to take care to go the shortest route through the forest, and not the longest, which was near the route. Hood said yes, but was eager to heed his mother. It was a beautiful day it was sunny, and seemed much more interesting to go the long way around to enjoy the scenery. So they did the bear, which the wolves always comes out very well and did not obey the council. I was distracted

, the path that passed near the road, when suddenly, from behind a tree, a girl appeared.

- What is your name? She asked. Hood
"I say. "Said the wolf.
- whither goest thou? Asked the girl.
"I'm my grandmother's den to take some fresh fruit, because they are sick," said Hood.
"Well, do not delay, your grandmother will have to be waiting," she said, pretending to be innocent. Poor Hood

suspected nothing and was walking slowly, but the girl, who was very clever, decided to go for the shortest path, through the woods, and came first to the den.

As the grandmother was not there, the girl took the opportunity to wear a jacket that had kept stuffed in the backpack. He made a couple of knots in a rope, got into the cave and waited for the wolf came. But when Hood arrived, the situation seemed a little odd.

- Do you feel okay? Asked the wolf.
"Yes, Hood, why do you ask? "Said the girl.
"Well, for starters, because you're stuck in the den of my grandmother, baby," said Hood. And before she could say anything, he added: "Although I have put this jacket with a plush, note that you have smaller ears, smaller eyes, smaller hands and teeth smaller than my grandmother," said the wolf . And just when the baby was going to speak, Hood insisted: "I do not understand is what you dress and you went inside the cave. It is obvious that you're not my grandmother.

Then the baby cried, - To get you better !!!-. Simultaneously, he pulled the rope and triggered a trap that left him a wolf hanging from a tree, tied by one leg. Scared

, Hood began to howl. The grandmother, who was nearby, heard him and ran back to the burrow. Along with it came also another wolf, who was passing by and between the two nibbled to cut the rope and drop the poor hood.

- Ouch! "He said when he fell to the floor with a resounding blow.

then made a half uneasy silence.

Hood stared at the grandmother, the grandmother looked at the other wolf, another wolf hood and looked, suddenly, three Wolves looked at the baby ...


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