Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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Dear M.

I wonder how you are. If your soul has found the peace he craved. If your head rests on a body you love. Do not think I've forgotten you. That is virtually impossible, well you know it would be like asking me to stop listening los discos de Frank Sinatra a todo volumen una y otra vez. Cada noche que espío a las estrellas me acuerdo de vos y aquello que una vez me dijiste sobre la luz que cada una de ellas emite. Cómo olvidarte si me enseñaste el nombre de mi estrella favorita. Y todavía estás acá. Y rondás por mi cabeza. Y te encuentro en cada gorrión que toma vuelo. Porque con vos pasé toda una tarde tomando mates y hablando de gorriones y sabores de helados.

Me pregunto si lograste librarte de aquellas cuerdas que tan fuerte te ataban al suelo y te impedían despegar. Si descargaste algo del peso de tu espalda. Si sos más liviana y te diste cuenta que así es más fácil caminar, se salta más alto and flies farther. Women, it does carry weight at the time! To me society and I weigh a little less. I learned so much at this time ... is amazing how much you learn when you believe that you no longer is any light ahead. Learned from me, people, literature, nature. Of nature more than anything, in fact, is what has it all. We have them.

I wonder if you'll know all those places we promised that cold night of chocolates and a piece of graph paper. If you're installed and still one of them, or be as nomadic as we dreamed. Did you take your bike with you? In each bike blue cross the street I look ... but never is you who are driving. Sometimes it's your style, sometimes the shape of your legs, some faded your backpack ... but you're never completely. Maybe even got a replica of Van Gogh that you like. I tried to copy some time ago. But the result was so awful, that I hid in the back of my closet, along with letters from old lovers. Maybe moths like it, who knows.

I imagine
free, disheveled, with one or two more wrinkles and a smile two times that I met. I imagine with many books on your list of "talents and thrashed and head up toward the sun. I can not imagine where you are, or with whom. But I'm sure happy. At least That's what I want most.
I leave these letters in the place that was so ours and maybe some day that surprised me, decide to return to find some echo of what lived there. I leave you there because I do not know which door to knock, who collectively take, or what planet you're chasing a rainbow now.
Hoping to hear soon of your smile and your new adventure, full envelope hugs maybe those traveling and find you. And while I continue with my internal struggles ever end, I hope your news.
you want from day one (and you wonder mountains)
The one on the yellow bike.


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