Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sound Driver For Dell Gx 620 Window 7

Yavi, Jujuy, Argentina

I 'm the storm that broke the quiet. I am the calm after the storm. I am the peace that calms the chaos. I'm the chaos that breaks the peace. I'm calm in the chaos. I'm the same chaos.
In this, my eternal sway of lights and darks, I'm slides, carousels I am trampolines, hammocks and springs. I am the silence you calm, angry bankrupt you. I am the smile that lifts you, the tears that you crashing to the ground, which disfigures you, and that makes you fly. I am water, I am fire. Salto, I rise, flight, I break. And back. Stumble, I cry and laugh. I do, I fall apart. I think, me ruined. Respite. I'm drowning. Sigh. Dream.


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