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The Art of Winning

When we win, we do not mean to beat on anyone or feel that others are weaker than us, but something much deeper. Many years ago I had a teacher who told me that the Art of Happiness was in achieving objectives, but not at the expense of others, without relying on the unhappiness of others, and in some ways the Art Beat is to reach our goals without using each other as step without treading on the head to the weak, without trampling those who apparently we are closing the passage, but a very different way, with all my heart and strength. What is this difficult or mysterious Art of Winning?

There are people who, apparently, come into the world with a star and everything goes well. There are others, however, to which it is very difficult to get everything. And we sometimes find the Chosen of History, whose mere presence can make miracles.

many times we find ourselves in life wanting to do a stunt, a wonderful thing, trying to move forward so that all see us, follow us, and yet we can only take small steps. Hence then ask ourselves what is the Art of Winning. Why are some mature and others can not do? Today

imagine all through formula, all the triumphs and the devised solutions through systems. If something goes wrong, the political system is failing, if we have economic problems fault management, and we come to ask in a moment: Could it be something human? In some ways, did not I? How far does the value of systems? How far does the true value is not in man?

The man has a fundamental value, so the ancients were trying to communicate truths that extraordinary man, very obscure things, but rather tried to wash it, clean it of all things in the world, clear it of their own animality, their fears, everything that could impede its progress, that may arise from the inside out, from the very heart of things, and who can demonstrate and apply this fundamental value.

Ancient civilizations generally exercised through four main groups of tests: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Exoteric, or externally, this is really about to land, water, air and fire, but esoterically is related to certain components of our personality, that is, with our physical body, our vehicle of energy, our vehicle and our vehicle psychological mind, one from which arise all the things we receive, collect and offer. But the tests themselves were of a really physical and real, very real.

found near Syracuse, the remains of a pit initiation in which a number of side holes. When the candidate was going down the well, a very dark hole for a small staircase, leaving holes that pushing hands while unseen voices shouted: you fall! Imagine the fear of the disciple, he did not know there was a net waiting below, or anyway you can not kill. Imagine it gripped tightly to the rock, struggling to overcome their fear and trying to move a step further. Winning was not

at the time you reach the end of the ladder, that would be the final victory. Was overcome step by step, more than a step, the next, next. One of the biggest mistakes we make is that we, in front of a ladder, look at the whole and we consider the increase or not the whole staircase. That is not the proper psychological position to deal with adversity, but we must ask up step by step. What is my immediate problem? This step, not this or that! If we keep our gaze far too high, which sometimes happens to many idealists, many spiritualists, it is easy to trip over the first few steps and roll into the abyss. You have to know where you want to go, but step by step, slowly, and without planning too. If we stretch our hand will always be some kind Angel, real or dreamed, that will help us on the road.

You know the best swords are beaten, and passed from hot to cold, cold to heat, in a truly brutal. Did not we also need to be tuned? Receive the blows of life as the sword received blows on the anvil. Little by little is becoming a real steel sheet, and then acquires hardness and elasticity court. Is it not somewhat similar process forging our own life?

There is a Japanese story that has snow falling on a cherry tree and a willow. The cherry industry, which is very rigid, get the snow load and over again, until it breaks, the willow, which is more elastic, receives the load of snow and is bowing to the weight until the snow falls and the willow branch up again. We must return to achieve this inner temple, understand that falling is simply to rise again. No one falls definitively for all things in this world are temporary. Everything has a value on our successes and our failures. Based on the humility of heart, we can actually follow progress. If we succeed in mastering the four elements of nature within us-the so-called Earth, Water, Air and Fire- may not do miracles, we are not demigods, but we can do some wonders.

There are easy exercises that can be useful to try to understand. Grab a bottle filled with water and either keep her at arm horizontal. At first it seems very easy, who would not support a kg, but as time passes and the accumulation of weight and position of our arm becomes more painful, more and more weight and feel seems to have a cow hanging us.

Do something different, to implement his will. Have your eyes and mind begin to count, for example, different brands that may be on the roof (without leaving the bottle). You will see that you can hold out much more easily if it keeps his mind off the pain.

It is the same in the things of life. If we keep our mind clinging to each of the problems, the fear that have failed to wash us because we are not in the V century BC, we can not resist even the slightest impact of adversity. (See note regarding fear)

We need to try then raise that hand off a bit of things in the world, going to impose our will, a will should not be ostentatious, it must run alone and natural.

When faced with a serious adversity, always try to resist a minute, do not think that we will take an hour one day a year, all life, not a minute more, then another, and thus, little by little, we'll be adding much larger numbers. The power of our mind is terrible.

Let's do another test, measuring the psychological life of a minute. When the second comes back to its zenith, when turning full to the sphere, assume that they will receive a grand prize, an immense happiness (each dream of happiness as you want). You see how slow start the second, seems almost to recede. Now we experience the opposite, we think that when turning the second a bomb under us, then see how quickly flees, point after point, say one that the clock has gone crazy. However, the clock always makes the same moment with the same rhythm.

What has changed? Our perspective. If we want something too passionate fervor, we will be infinitely distant.

We know how to give things that really have value, then we get a lot more true dimension of what happens to us. Now generally run after money, recognition, a better car, a bigger house, the latest flat screen, whose latest model also washes our dishes ... so we are always in tension, nothing just because we always seem to have little, we need something new. That is the great specter of consumerism that we have embedded in the soul, and is one of the worst forms of materialism.

Let us be content with simple things. I'm not saying give up on having more, I say just be at peace with one's heart and then see how we can prosper a little more. The secret is to really know what we do, how we can do and put all our attention and all our strength into it. In this way, we can achieve naturally have more, but without tension.

Indeed, we have more strength than we think. Each one of us, however small, has great potential. Some think: "I'm not going to write poetry because ... well, who is going to edit me? I'm not that good. " Lose a bit of that sense of comparison, competition, the kind of sport where we have gone insane. Get out of that mindset and do things for the thing itself.

eye when I say "that got us into this or that," I'm not referring to the point of no education, but the culture of man in general, the trend that took the man to leave his profound being and turn to materialism or whatever you away from spirituality.

formulas are not needed, no special support, you can always going forward, more and more refined. Each of us must find their own light, his own place, and if we're happy where we are, great, if not happy we're pregnant elsewhere. The essential thing is not to harm anyone.

However, the material things fall, they crack and go. The ancients: Omnia Transit; All passes, all walks ... all goes to sea as the waters go, everything has a Destiny, Fate asociƩmonos! Let's see how the waters come down the mountains, and what are the purest water?, Those who hit more on the rocks, those falling in cascades and burst in white foam, the others cowards waters, which are still, in backwater, eventually decaying into and no living being can live in them.

Let's make our world a world of big ideas, good thoughts and feelings dwell in us, let us not fall on your knees, rise up again and again.

"Nana Ia Korobi Oki ... if I fall down seven times get up eight."


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