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Today was a happy day for Kan, today I turned 12 and his father had promised to give the greatest treasure. A Samurai sword. Naturally there would be a double-diamond like his father, was a simple katana sword. Would otherwise have to earn it for himself.

was a huge honor that made him his father. From now ceased to be a child to become an apprentice all Samurai. A bright future was ahead if he was willing to learn and work. And what Khan was from the depths of his heart. Kazo

His father was in front of him, solemn and impressive as was natural in him. The Samurai looked old age much less than it actually was, only his long white hair and eyes full of wisdom revealed his true age. His armor General Samurai reflected the golden rays of the sun like gold while the double diamonds on the hilt of his sword katana, double rainbow formed a bound at its base. Kazo

had wrought in a thousand battles and had trained hundreds of Samurai. And finally today, he would instruct his own son. An event that had been waiting for twelve years.

In his hands he held the katana future of his son, a powerful weapon to be used wisely. Kan should understand that the most important of a Samurai was not his weapon but his wisdom and honor.

Kan's face shining with honor and joy upon receiving his sword, filled the heart of his father proud as never felt before. Now it was official, the young apprentice had passed all the subtle traps that had laid the destination, and on its own merits had become one of a clan.

That night, after the celebrations and laughter, father and son sat together around the campfire.

The night was warm and the sky the stars looked like fireflies in a pond, the full moon shone brightly, as if to clothe the young samurai with the rays of light.

- My son - Kazo's voice was deep, penetrating and relaxing as the caresses of a mother - has taken a step today very important in your life. You no longer a normal person, has left the forest to put you in the way of life along the path of the Samurai.

have exceeded the invisible trap tend to anyone who wants to enter the road, the ghosts of fear and failure.

Never struggle against the ghosts of fear, they will make all problems seem to beat you and doblegarte crowd when these ghosts will attack, not defend yourself, go ahead by confronting the problems one by one. That's the only secret of success my son.

- If a parent, these weeks, my mind wandered doubts - Kan looked at the moon in search of power to express what he felt - I never knew if I could get to the end, I was afraid to enter the path of the Samurai for fear of failure, afraid to disappoint you, for fear of being laughed at me the other until they master all the techniques as does a real Samurai. The pain was intense - he said as his hand rested on his stomach - as if I nailed sharp needles in the stomach. But I realized that if I did not start, would have failed even before trying. - His eyes locked on his father - I do not know if it is a day to be a Samurai so good and powerful as you, Father, but rest assured I'll try until the last vestige of my soul, never surrender the road. Always move on. Kazo

could not be more proud. His son had a force that would lead him where he wanted. Because no one better than the old Samurai knew that the greatest secret in life to get what you want is never give up. If Khan, his young age and knew that secret, certainly go far, far further than his father, the General of Generals.

- Son, you are now part of the Samurais and therefore you must be bound as such - Old Samurai took a thick stick, and it happened to her son. - Party this log my son, I know you can do it.

- But dad, this wood is very thick, - said the boy shot - and I have only twelve years, I am not yet a mature man. I have not enough strength.

- Sure you have the power child, but your strength is not in your muscles - sentenced to time around with his big warm hand the narrow arm of her son - but in your head is in your intelligence and your willpower where you have enough energy to do anything you want.

If you think you can not do it ... surely never be able. However, if you're convinced that it is possible, and from the bottom of your heart shines green flame of hope and faith in yourself. You do what you want, you just have to find the middle.

- But father ... - Kan wanted to believe his father was a Samurai and Samurai never lie. So there must be a way ... but what - I know! Now I am a Samurai, I can do the impossible!

and removable first katana sword with all his forces launched a terrible blow against the trunk ... getting the katana is embedded tightly into the trunk. Kan tried to get her out of a stretch, but their efforts were useless. Was too strongly attached. He was getting very nervous, and if it were not for the warm hand of his father calmed down, as so often had small, would have thrown to mourn.

- Your attempt was laudable Kan, but you have to learn before doing. - The old Samurai took into his hands the sword of his son and with a quick twist of the wrist pulled the sword from the trunk. - You have to look out for small targets, easy to comply with your capabilities, to get what you want. - Having said that returned the sword to his son. - First attempt to create a trench in the trunk, not a direct hit, if not two curves that will help to weaken the industry. Kan

launched a curved cut that blew sharp splinters of the trunk, then released another in a direction opposite that caused nearly half of the trunk is scattered on the ground. Animated repeated the operation and a moment later the thick trunk lay on the ground in two pieces and a lot of chips.

- You're right dad! The entire trunk was too much for me, but I managed to gradually weaken and eventually I won. If I thought I could not, never have tried. But I decided I was capable, that there must be a way to cut it, and I found it!

- There is always a way - the voice of the old Samurai entered the ears of his son recorded these words to fire - there is always a way to achieve what we want.

- And we must make what is a parent? - Kan asked innocently. Kazo

was alarmed did not want his son misconstrued, always had to abide by the honor and generosity, but once he saw the innocent eyes of his son, the calm came over his heart again.

- Son, you get everything you want in life alone So you help others to get what they want.

- do not understand dad.

- You know that the farmer always takes longer than you sow does not it? - Kazo knew his son had helped to sow their neighbors and had been amazed to see plants growing every day as a handful of seeds emerged, eventually, hundreds of tasty fruit - For just as the farmer always takes more than what you sow, you should know that you are not alone and help all you can to your team, if you do so after the harvest reap more fruitful than you've ever dreamed. Kan

mused, it was still too young to understand all the words of his father, but he knew his father had always been generous and thanks to it had become a general of generals, so he decided firmly that he would do same.

- Father, I have a question that haunts me - Kan Be honest - before I loved you not say that today is a day of joy. But it seems that is not consistent with what I just said.

- Your child?

- Yesterday I told my friends of the people that I would become a samurai, he would learn the secrets of our art and that I would become the mightiest warrior type that exist - Kan's eyes stared into the crackling fire - and the other children laughed at me, said I was a wimp, that it was all lies and to be careful that it is safer to give me the true samurai beat a liar, and then I would throw into the fire. I must be generous also with those children father?

- Son ... - A smile of understanding furrowed lips of the old Samurai, the same thing had happened in his youth and knew that they people today criticized and ridiculed his son, tomorrow would be his most fervent fans for their bravery and courage - are an easy way to avoid criticism ...

"What is father? - Asked

excited Kan - ... just do not be nothing and do nothing, gets a job as sweeper and kills your ambition. It is a remedy that never fails.

- But Father! That's not what I want, I want to be strong and powerful as you, I have aspirations and dreams that I want to accomplish in life. And I have only this life to achieve them. How do you ask me to do that? How could I give up without trying? Would it not throwing my life away? Perhaps would not be living a living death? Now I fight for my dreams because if not now never be able to do so.

- Kan So be very careful with the thieves of dreams - Kazo said mysteriously.

- Thieves of Dreams? - The child looked frightened Samurai around - What are they? Ghost and the Darkness? Evil spirits? Dark beings?

- No son, are your friends and those close to you - your child's eyes watched him with a sad expression, as if the world had just fallen over - Do not worry, only your friends, ill-informed that think they know more than you and want to protect, want everything good for you and do not suffer, and though they are wrong, try to stop in every project you do, to avoid failure and hurt yourself.

- but then are like the ghosts of fear and failure, like my good and I still violate the most damage that can exist: steal my dreams, my ambitions and therefore the most powerful weapons that I have to achieve what I want. If you never try ... never get it. It is true that if I try I can fail, however I can also succeed and get what I want! WRESTLING only success is achieved!

- This is a child and also, unwittingly, have just discovered your three most powerful weapons.

- What! Tell me - his enthusiasm at the prospect of having more weapons was enormous.

- First Enthusiasm, if you believe in what you do and you really like, you can achieve all things, believes all traces of your being. Ten Push! Above all, your work ... ENTUSIASMATE!

Kan nodded, afraid to interrupt his father.

- Second Push! You have to learn and work, learn and work and then ... teaching, learning and working. Work only achieve your goals. If you intend to take advantage of people only find failure, however, if you work with honor, as a team and always trying to improve yourself ... there is nothing that can stop you.

good man becomes stronger and stronger then others. Learn first for Saber Hacer and then teach others.

Learn with Enthusiasm, teaches with enthusiasm and then you will succeed because you'll DIG! Kan

put his hand on his heart and he promised himself, in utter silence that always work with honor and that nobody would stop.

- And third, the certificate - the eyes of Khan asked his father what was the record, was it not the same as the drive? - La Constancia son mine is the ability to hold on and keep working hard times to come the good times.

Consistency is the art of always Continue!

You've just started now and tomorrow will begin practicing with the Samurai. At first, after each workout, your muscles will hurt and you're tired, you'll want to leave everything because you will think this is too hard for you. But if you are constant and continuous learning and practicing, gradually your body will adapt and develop, as well as your mind. And you will like every time things get easier and you'll get more results and more easily. Beginnings are always hard son, the failure of the defeat only comes when you surrender, only if you constantly have a guaranteed success. Kazo

saw his young son nodded, half asleep. It was late and today I had learned more than in all his life. The old Samurai took his young son and now an apprentice of his art in his arms raised, despite his advanced age, as if it were a feather. His son whispered something like "Thank you daddy!" Before falling asleep. The general overall really wondered if his son would follow exactly all the advice they had learned today. I knew that if they did come even higher than what he had accomplished.


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