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Be like water, my friend ... Son of Samurai

Who was Bruce Lee?

"Empty your mind, be formless, malleable, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, if you put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle, if you put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Water can flow or you can crush. Be like water my friend, running water never stagnates, so we must continue to flow. "

Much has been made of the life of Bruce Lee, a true legend of the martial arts. Consider the main ideas dunks in that interview, because they still so vivid and meaningful as they were in their time.

The self

Bruce Lee said that when he taught martial arts, in fact self-taught, and people did not come to him to learn at beating his neighbor, but to be able to express through your body, knowing every corner.

"There are those who control their movements too, but with control over only gets to be too concerned about the execution."

The idea was that when you download the mind of the responsibility of having to control everything that makes the body free-flowing movements, naturally, and that experience enables the practitioner to know himself.

He wondered: How can you express yourself honestly at all times? In fact, for him, martial arts are to be able to express with sincerity, something very difficult to achieve. The martial artist who does this sincerity, does not remain in tension is relaxed, as absent, but be aware to what can happen that way:

"... I do not give the blow ... the coup was given alone."

Bruce Lee criticized the dogmatism of the different schools, because this believe in the power of the truth about martial arts, their differences. Who followed one or another school became a product of that school, while the ideal is to have a style, an expression always crystallized and static scheme, that way, refusing to be the product of a style, is entering a process continued growth.

duality and harmony

The idea of \u200b\u200bduality in human beings was also present in philosophy martial arts. He said that on the one hand is the natural instinct, which is irrational, and secondly, the need to be aware and therefore control. In that sense, Bruce Lee argued that both trends is to combine in harmony, achieving a delicate balance. If you lean towards the end of the instinctive are unscientific, the experience is out of hand. And if you lean to the point of not trusting yourself and wanting to control everything, then you become an automaton, a machine running heavy and predictable movements. To him it was losing a large extent, the human condition. Had to combine both trends well.

"... is not purely natural or purely unnatural, the ideal is the natural unnaturalness or unnatural naturalness. "

to the challenges

To Bruce Lee's life was a process of self full of challenges and growth step by step, day after day. The challenges were meaningful, what matters is not its difficulty but our reaction to them, how we dominate and are dominated by us.

If you feel secure, comfortable with himself, no doubt, may face challenges without fear. So you have to be yourself able to express themselves and have faith in what we are, in our chances.

The biggest mistake you could commission was to find a character that has these characteristics and try to imitate.

"... people copy the behavior and does not begin with the root of your self, do not ask how I can be myself?"

Life was for Bruce Lee as a game, an illusion. Do not be blinded by it, do not copy previous molds good they are, or memorize dogmatic teachings that take us away from the freshness and spontaneity of the human being.


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