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Peace Organization Teamwork

A week had passed since the father and son embraced to seal the first step at maturity Samurai Kan. The launch of the creation of his personal guard of Seven Samurai. Kan
These seven days he had spent all his friends asking if they wanted to become a Samurai, but only one, his closest friend Goku had joined him.
's grief was deep Kan, he knew that there was nothing more wonderful in this world to be a Samurai, the exquisite skill, the purity of mind and financial relief living was what everyone wanted to achieve. But it seemed that the young apprentice Samurai was unable to convince anyone that his was the best way to achieve those goals. So sorry
decided to ask his father. At that time his father had a huge army of Samurai, all well trained.
An army capable of working together as if one person is involved. Kan
went to see his father Kazo and found he was talking to his army.
These were in training, seven columns. The number perfect.

hundreds of samurai were all in perfect formation. Its clean armor against the bright sun shone. In the handle of his katana swords, sheathed at his waist, wore their positions and merit. Ornaments of gold, silver and diamonds shone everywhere. Their eyes reflected a perfect training safe and years of experience.
The voice of his father roamed the rows filled with pride as hundreds of looks of respect and admiration is directed towards the general unison.
The warm voice, deep and penetrating her father stopped and came together a victory cry from the throat of the Samurai. Kazo
is Aki removed while the first of his personal guard of Seven Samurai took command of the meeting and let the old Samurai rest.
In less than a minute, Khan felt his father's hand on his shoulder, a sign that had to be more alert and quicker. The day he was able to put his hand first on the shoulder of his father, that day would be a Samurai. Meanwhile it was only an apprentice.

- Father, I have failed! - Finally gave the young Samurai - I have not been able to create my personal guard of Seven Samurai, I can not reach the team's strength. Goku just my friend joined me and it was only friendship.
- Son, you have not failed - the look of Kazo communicating understanding, had been there long ago - has just begun, and you still have much to learn.
- If a parent, but I've talked to all my friends have told you the wonders that you and your Samurais, the spirit of teamwork, honor ... everything! and you know what I got? - Kan's face flushed with shame and anger - look at me with strange face, I say it is not possible, What are stories and dreams of a kid! But I know it's true, I've seen with my own eyes and there are things you already do. How I can convince father? How I can do to join me?
Kan was silent, his father looked at him and saw in his eyes a look of absolute faith. Kazo
course, as his father, could do the job for, recruit and train these Seven Samurai, but then his son would not learn. No, should be himself who did, and the old Samurai should teach your child the way as each of the hundreds of soldiers Samurais that had formed over the years.

- Son, how many people have spoken?
- with many parents. Fifteen, maybe twenty.
- And you get twenty one, Kazo, took the first step to becoming a Samurai?
- If father ... but I'm missing six.
- Well, my dear you have been successful Kan, even without knowing how to work properly.
Remember the story of the oyster fishermen, Stauros to get his seven oysters with pearl oysters need one hundred fish. Thus, to get your Seven Samurai have to talk to over a hundred people.
- Many parent ... But I will, I will today!
- Don 'nah son. If you were talking every day with so many people neglect your duties. The first thing to do is organize. Set a schedule. Distribute your time throughout the day. Spend a few hours talking to people about the advantages of being a Samurai, others to practice your skills, acquire other new skills to teach others what you know your team and finally remember to rest to regain strength. Late in the day do a balance of the day. Analyze what you did and meditate on how you could have done better. And most importantly, the last day of the week analyzing what you've done and look for defects or faults that you find in your actions, your way of acting and thinking. Write them down and make a plan of action to remedy the following week. The Samurai is to try to be getting better!

- I'm interested a schedule - the son mused - I can work more efficiently and cost less to get me to do things because the very force of habit compelled me to do the job. Do not you father?
- Exactly son - Old Samurai was very proud of his son, just twelve years was a real promise. I learned very quickly and put everything in their power to be so.
certainly merit one day surpass his father. That would be the best gift that Khan could make his elderly father.
- From now on I will be organizing. And I will put small goals to accomplish. So when the powerful know that I have acted properly.
- know as my son walk a thousand miles?
- No, that's how far behind?
- For step by step thousand leagues are not that many small steps that together make a huge distance. The only way to travel is one step after another. If we do this by dividing the distance traveled in ninety days and each day of eight hours away, and each hour into sixty minutes ... we will discover that only five steps in a minute for three months to get to travel a thousand leagues. Do you think a lot of five steps in a minute?

- No father! - He laughed's apprentice Samurai - It's easy to take five steps in a minute! I look like! - And rising had five steps, turned around and gave another five steps to his father - see ten feet in a minute and still I have time to rest!
- Well, this should work just as dear son, little by little, in an organized and without pause. Do that and in less time than you think you have your own team of Seven Samurai!


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