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Brown Mucus Discharge After Period

Kan scanned the trees. Kazo His father was less than two steps.
A single jump and be above it. Although Khan was just a kid, the surprise would be an advantage.
was time for a nap and his father, the old Samurai, slept soundly confident. His abdomen up and down slowly. This time it won the young apprentice Samurai.
At that moment a hand was laid on the shoulder of Kan. It was a sign that he had lost the game. But ... It could not be! His father was asleep! What was it that happened? Samurai
The novice looked back and saw Aki, one of the Seven Samurai of his father.
- That's not true - Kan replied with her wounded pride - it is against my father against whom the game, you have nothing to do. - Had been so close to winning ... and yet his father had returned to beat. And this time when asleep!
An outbreak of cholera took hold of his young corps of twelve years and ran into the forest replied as his sword katana against his armor.
- Ha! Here are my son - Kazo whispered in the ear of his son - My faithful Aki told me what happened. Kan
felt the soft, warm hand of his father in the shoulder while the serious and penetrating voice of his father permeated his thoughts.

- Yes father, I have escaped, but lost! and I'm outraged!
- Dear Kan, sometimes you lose and you'd never altered in this way. Why this anger
so unlike you? - Kazo's words were reassuring as she sat on a flimsy branch next to her son.
- Father is the question you were asleep and still I won. At first I did not recognize. But the truth is that it does not matter that it was your hand or Aki which touched me. Same purpose lost. And that eats me. - The girl's eyes radiated a promise Samurai Although stalled in the heart of his father.
- My son. What did you learn from this incident?
Kan's eyes were riveted on her father's questions. "Learning? There was something to learn ... if anything, but still it was very far away, I could feel but not know exactly what it was.
- Ah! Kan dear, you have left so much to learn ... and promise so much - The old man's eyes reflected a pride Samurai impossible to hide, he had seen that little Samurai began to see the light and decided to help - I'll tell you a story that will get you out of doubt:

"There were once, in a far away land to the west, beyond the boundaries of Our Empire, two fishermen Oyster called Stauros and Giorgos. Stauros was very successful, but Giorgos could hardly support his family.
Stauros One day he offered to dive with Giorgos to help.
were both together at the beach and Giorgos dived to the bottom of a clear waters and soft. Basically oyster found a great big and strong, with bright shiny and thought "this oyster will make me rich!", so he grabbed with his knife that one oyster and took her to the surface very calmly and carefully. Barely made it to the beach and sit on its fine white sand when he drew his knife and began to open to pick up the pearl oyster.
Stauros, surprised that his friend out of water soon also left the water and looking puzzled asked, "Why have you come so soon?" and seeing the oyster in the hands of Giorgos said, "You wasted all that energy to get just an oyster!"
"I know what I do," Giorgos replied "I have a feeling this oyster. There is something special"
Stauros Giorgos watched in silence as God opened the oyster my, there was no pearl in the oyster! Giorgos closed oyster carefully and began to cradle her in his warm hands ...
"What are you doing now?" Stauros asked.
"I believe in the oyster," said Giorgos stubbornly "If the care and keep it hot, perhaps it will make a pearl for me, thanks"
Shaking her head at the Giorgos obstinadez, Stauros went to dive into the warm waters the sea. It was getting late and needed to work. So while tending his oyster Giorgos special rocking in his arms, dived Stauros 100 oysters alone and put in your bucket, then went to the beach and was opening them one by one. Each oyster Pearl had not returned to the water.
A sunset Giorgos still shaking their empty oyster.
"Any luck?" Giorgos
ask "yes" answer Stauros brand "I had to return to the sea to ninety-three oysters.
however seven had a pearl inside. Tonight take my wife to the pub to celebrate!"
"Stauros. Whenever you're lucky!" Giorgos sighed resignedly in his arms cradling his empty oyster. "

After it stopped the soft voice of the old Samurai, Kan in the imagination of the two fishermen were still living oysters. Kazo kept quiet, hoping that wisdom printed in the old story about oyster fishermen settle in the brain of his young son.
- Father, I think I understand the history - Kan said at last - but I do not see how it relates to me win.
- Express your thoughts out loud child, so I can help.
- Giorgos's mistake was to trust their fortunes to a single oyster, instead of searching among many as did his companion. Stauros collected many oysters, and only those who had stayed with pearls. The rest fell apart. So it was more fortunate than Giorgos father does not it?
- No child - corrected the old Samurai - Stauros was just lucky that Giorgos, only knew his job better. As I know ours better than you. The wisdom of Stauros was to collect many oysters and hosting only those who had an oyster inside. It was also wise to return them to sea, for those same oysters later, perhaps within the next year had to pick an oyster. Do you understand now?
- Yes, but I still see our gaming relationship with father.
- Dear Kan, you've spent a detail. How many pearl oysters was Stauros?
- Seven ... - Suddenly a flash of understanding sailed through the eyes of the young apprentice - Sure! Now I understand! Seven oysters and seven Samurai. Each oyster is a Samurai, a warrior with the unique characteristics of that which There are a few among hundreds.
- What I mean is that Stauros was fortunate in having seven pearls ... to Seven Samurai I were talking about pearls! - Kan glanced accusing his elderly father who had set a subtle trap - Giorgos fortune that had not waste time with empty oyster while Stauros managed to find his Seven Samurai, with its seven oysters with pearls in a sea full oyster worthless. It was only seven oysters were really special and had Pearl, which represent the great fortune to have a perfect team. And the rest of the worthless oysters back to the warm sea that were not sufficiently developed to have beads and were still maturing.
- Correct child - adopted the proud father

- however - Cut the apprentice excited - most important story is that fortune does not come by faith, is achieved only through hard work and persistence .
- Exactly! Kan, now you've earned extra dessert!
- But father, I can not see the connection ... I agree that there is no greater fortune than to have your team ... Seven Samurai but what has that to do with our game.
- What I tell you son, is that stronger, even for a Samurai is not in his own ability or strength, or the sharp edge of his sword. Its true force is on your computer. Today was the test. - Aki's eyes reflected an infinite love for his son - Today has been your harmlessly who attacked me in her sleep, but other days can one person with much worse intentions to touch me on the shoulder. Although that day comes, I will be able to continue sleeping peacefully, because I know I have Seven Samurai that help me day and night, even when I sleep. Kan
finally understood, he had taken a dislike, an anger and a story, but at last understood. The real strength of a Samurai is teamwork. A Samurai is not only difficult to destroy. But Seven Samurai CAN MOVE THE WORLD! Suddenly an idea sailed by his head.
- Father! - Said excitedly - "I can I start building my own watch Seven Samurai?
- Sure son, that's what I've told this story.
- however, am not yet a true Samurai, I'm just an apprentice ... - Said while watching a fallen leaf on the floor - How can I train if I'm still not prepared myself?
- It is true that are not yet a fully fledged Samurai. What did you are an apprentice and as such know secrets you can teach - explained the patient's father - When I started teaching Aki, it was just a learner like you. I taught every day what he knew and was learning. We move together on the road of life on the path of the Samurai. After more Samurais were joining us and together we teach.
Gradually we went from being two to be an invincible army of Samurais. You must do the same. Samurai is your job as you do it?
- Father, I want to be a Samurai like you. Of course I will! And a hug
sealed his pact.


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