Monday, February 28, 2011

Lİllİ Caratİ Galerİ

value escapes

"Duel" - Ink on paper - Valentina Becker
Copito, tené care. Swab, do not be fooled. No, Copito not believe him. I do not know how to explain it will hurt you. I know, is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I also know the sparkle in her eyes and mystery that surround you. But please do me this time case. Or at least listen to me Snowflake. I know and I know his moves. You will mate before they start the game. Flowers will fill you and then chew with your mouth open, salivating over your lips and the spit you in your throat. I think that most passionate kisses and enough, fill your poison tongue. Y ya nunca podrás quitártelo. Te ofrecerá brillos en todo su cuerpo, pero apenas caigas en la tentación, cada centímetro que toques cortará tu piel. Se te llenarán de llagas las manos, se te pondrá áspera el alma. La encontrarás carnosa, dulce y jugosa sobre una cama, pero lista para clavarte sus colmillos. Cuatro agujeros en tu aorta y con la ayuda de sus dedos te sacará partes, órganos, el alma entera, y con tu sangre maquillará sus mejillas. El color carmín penetrará en tus ojos y te dejará ciego. Querrás escapar, correr, gritar, pero tu cuerpo todo atado estará. Sonreirá dulcemente, te llenará de deseo, te explotará la pasión y entonces estallará in an evil laugh that will stun you. Break your eardrums. Your head will explode. The mirrors around you explode and it will go one by one the key to all your leather. Your name will sink to the edges of the Christ in all your extension and splash walls. Bleed. Scream. But no one will hear you. And the greatest torment are our voices warning you. I shudder. As a spider when he dies you'll get tiny. And she's huge. Of his greatness to mock, make fun of your weakness. Kiss you. I spit. Bite you. You tighten it. I lick. I swallow. You vomit. Kill you. In all the newspapers published how much they love. Be victim will be the poor fool. But I will. A taste and whim you possess. I will draw the eyes and fill with flowers. You open your mouth and swallow glitter. It will make a cut on his arm and I painted a sun with a smile on your bones. I will tie a balloon to the neck. I completely screwed. With a red bow tie will. Smile. Believe are happy. Kill you. But breathe. And never in the same way as before. Never the same air. Not even peace. Not the same smile. You will not be you. There will be more.


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