Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shower After Waxing Face

Singing in the sun like the cicada, after a year under the earth,

Tx: María Elena Walsh,
As the cicada Coil yourself as you like and perdete between their sheets. Hacete a knot that will not let you escape. And so when I lift the bed covers, find your eyes shining at me. Your smile just half way when you wake up. "I can keep you on my shelf? Do not want to let go. What a bottle then? "I can get into a basket? How sweet the candymaker full of color? You're going to have fun, I'm sure it's very comfortable. And you can eat the candy you want. And if you can not find the cherry chewable promise to go to buy. But do not go. Dale, give me one more kiss. Hold me a little longer. Well, okay. But only I warn you that your bag will have to weigh a little more. I run. Let me stay. I go with you. I promise that I will wear well. I'll look into silence. I will not let anyone see me. No, really. I promise to be quiet. Acordate I'm always the best playing hide and seek. And acordate as renegades of my silence. Dale, give me the taste. Do not want to miss. Do not want to leave. Yes? Really? How nice, thanks! Sure I'm ready. What is more empty pocket? The stockings I like, I'm sure it will be most comfortable.


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