Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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The beginning of the road - The Shodan

From a technical standpoint, generally the different schools have different grading criteria when a black belt, that is, each will have a minimal amount of technical will require the graduate and a number of variants of these techniques.
Basically, a first place in a traditional martial art is expected to demonstrate knowledge and practical equivalent to what they say are the fundamental principles of the system. From there, "begins" the long road of learning and learning more complex forms to express these principles. Also, we show an almost complete incorporation of these movements of the student body, which is becoming more spontaneous in their reactions.

Beyond that, there are certain informal expectations about the internal development of the graduate. The shodan becomes something like the "big brother" of mudansha and for that reason, it is expected that a good example about respect for the tradition of Aikido, the label on the Dojo, etc. Similarly, the shodan must continue to improve and expand their own skills and knowledge.

Now, as the incentive of the practitioners, the degree shodan is very important. Whether the activity is to which we devote our working lives, we all need to evaluate our progress. For that we're setting goals and prepare to achieve them.
From this point of view, I think shodan can sometimes be more important than other settings because it represents the first visible sign (the use of black belt and hakama) that is achieved after so much dedication and effort.

A care must be taken, especially for the student, is that it should be clear that the black belt is a symbol of the achievements and not the black belt gives achievements. I mean, I'm not going to be more important or more if I know I go to a business I get a black belt and use it. Nor the other end to say "I will train every day to get my black belt soon." This statement puts the black belt over the personal growth ... The shodan is the result of a maturing process in the technical, philosophical and human. It means a lot of responsibility, means that many other students are watching our steps to follow, and therefore, is critical to reach this goal when they really are ready.

As the famous saying "When the student is ready, the teacher appears," a Sensei I had for the year 1994 (Sensei Melo) said "When you ready, you will have your shodan, grow, learn and incorporate this philosophy and the Sensei will call you to tell you that you are prepared, as well forget the black belt ... the belt is always white, black and do it so much use " . Those words were recorded and scored a lot on my way. Besides meaning that one must practice hard to get to black belt, also contain a concept of humility, that is ... "the belt is always white, never lose the enthusiasm to learn."

In short, the desire to learn should be the primary force that motivates us to train and do not wish to receive the black belt. This will suggests that the moment we receive our shodan, is a proud moment because we know with certainty that our Sensei was watching and felt that we needed to take care of this new responsibility. The

shodan is not only a test, is a journey of years which is crowned with a review ... from that we 1st Kyu, Sensei, it begins to follow guide with more dedication, to warn that a good way about the beginning of real responsibility, and all that is symbolized by a test, which marks the beginning of the road. This is like kids when they enter primary school and early years learning to read and write, the success achieved is important and requires much effort and dedication, but nevertheless it is still only the first step to all that will do for the rest of their lives.


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