Friday, May 8, 2009

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technique. SANKYO

Sankyo, "the third technique," is one of the basic control techniques in Aikido. Includes a twist of the wrist that if done with force can be very painful and disruptive. It is very important when playing Sankyo, not exaggerate too much force or torque, but end up hurting the uke.
The key is to control the entire body of the uke by twisting of the wrist, the simple twist does not meet the real concept this technique is not effective to control an attacker.
The Sankyo is related to iaido technique called yokogiri or do, the horizontal cut. The relationship is not so obvious but if you look at how to stop and the relative position between uke and nage is understandable.
The twisting of the wrist is not complicated, how difficult is as noted above, gain control of uke's body twisting ... for this there are some details that should be taken into account and practice until exhaustion:
- What seems to be more important is the angle that has uke's elbow. If the elbow is very bent, uke nage will be very close and you can drop down to the elbow. The arc or angle of the elbow should be as large as possible, without achieving the extended arm ... the difference is to go see it in function of the height of uke.
- The second important point is the height at which you have to hold the hand of uke. It is best to hold the hand to shoulder height of uke. If it were lower, uke can loosen or resist.
- The third important point is the hand of uke. This should be 90 degrees to your forearm. If uke's hand is aligned with your forearm, the technique becomes less effective.

- Finally, there is also a little trick on how to grab uke's hand ... that is harder comment and will require consultation with a Sensei, but basically we can say that it is desirable to keep the uke completely open palm, grab all your fingers from the knuckles down with one of our hands and the other generates the torque of the wrist taking from the center of the palm with four fingers while the thumb presses and torque from the other side of the hand.

A concept that I heard several times and he seemed very graphic is the Sankyo think that I am forming a bridge between uke and nage. The body of both would be the pillars of the bridge, and uke's arm would be the goal. This idea is very useful to imagine the ideal position of technology and better control of uke.


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