Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How Do I Get On To Fakku

Do you ever fight? Third

On many occasions, either talking with colleagues, or people who do not know the concepts of martial arts, I find the following comments ... "You have to be careful with you, better not to fight" ... or "You do not compete in Aikido?" and finally ... "I never fought in the streets?".

usually respond to all these comments with the same, "Aikido is not practiced to learn to fight against others, is practiced to fight against yourself to improve as a person. " Obviously, this response creates two reactions, the first is to stay silent, as meditating on the phrase and not talk about it anymore ... the second is treating me like I'm crazy and more than once I have responded ... "and to study a martial art if do not learn to pelearte? "
is a logical question, motivated by an incomplete answer from me ... or really do learn to fight in Aikido, and very effective, but never takes it as a basic concept in practice and as a tool to go picking fights permanently ... Let us a little deeper analysis.

Although Aikido is a martial art, this does not mean it is a fighting art is an art of peace, and its aim is to fight to bring peace where necessary. How is this done? In principle counteracting the savage impulse that generates a conflict.
Aikido techniques are, in principle calm, without peace there is no technique, no relaxation. We work in an environment of harmony instead of a dispute. Succumbs to stress relaxation, and so we train for years to refine our behavior and our attitudes to banish the whole concept of violence.

Now, I ask, what is fight?. According to the dictionary would "Contender or quarrel, even without arms or only in words, antagonizing, resistance to such master, etc.." As we see, it takes two or more to fight, even if someone wants to fight with us, never obtain a result, we would be always looking for a decisional path, a path leading to the harmony of the situation, and would spoil The goal of "violent."
If we choose to act violently, would undermine the concept of Aikido and we would be separating from his philosophy.
This "adjustment or change of attitude is what brings many years of Aikido practitioners, yet I can say that many do not, have their high rankings, yet never changed inside, keep the need to prove their technical superiority and arrogance that is typical of the violent personality. I think these people will never be good Aikidokas, will only be good fighters, but anyone seeking violence, sooner or later find someone more violent and the result is always negative.
The technical side of Aikido can be learned in a relatively short time, but the effectiveness of these techniques may take many years to develop until they internalize the spirit of Aikido.

In the movie "The Last Samurai" is a very graphic scene in the concept. Captain Algren trained with the bokken and permanently lost the war, until it is about a samurai and tells his ear ... "A lot of mind, no mind" ... when Algren realizes this phrase and "away" from the combative concept his mind, he manages to defeat your opponent. In the same way in the mind away Aikido we fighting to find the true power of this art.

Through ongoing training we find this very special energy associating the concept of "no mind" techniques ... it is wonderful to ask ... "Where is the power of my opponent and how it can help create harmony in the art or in this movement? How I can direct this energy and bring harmony?

These questions obviously we do in all aspects of our lives, in a working group on a football team in a family argument, we must constantly find how to lead or guide the other's energy to achieve harmony in all our projects. This does not mean dominating or forcing anyone, it's just one more way to help solve everyday problems by avoiding unnecessary confrontation. Let
these concepts into practice, it takes time and requires patience, but as I always say, the path of the Samurai is for life, and every step should be a practice, learning and improvement. Do not despair.

I hope they serve. I would like your comments.
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