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Tenkan Irimi and interviews with teachers - part 1

as promised in due course, begin little by little to publish interviews with masters of different martial arts.
When I refer to teachers, I say this because not only have their graduation but also because I think that for me have been teachers at some point in my journey in the martial arts. Many of them are great friends and I are proud to show your opinion and some of his thoughts in this blog.

Here I give you the first interview with my good friend Marcelo, co-author of this blog.

1) How did the practice of martial arts? What was your primary motivation? Tell a story of its beginnings.
Twenty years ago, a coworker asked me accompany him to find out because I wanted to practice karate.
During lunch we went we found out, I remarked that I was not interested at all, a week I was asked if he could accompany him to practice because he just did not dare, as we were quite friends told him that I would score just one month then there was more.
My partner left a month of practice, I continued twenty years, I could never leave the path of martial arts.
So today I am grateful, for insisting, on labor issues we never saw nor knew that I kept practicing for three months after he left the job.
far as I could and sacrifice, kept alone, and over the years I realized I chose the right path for me.

2) Without wishing to compare different martial arts, why did you choose the one currently practicing or who practiced for so many years?
A practitioner when you start the practice, I do not know how to differentiate which is for a martial art, with time and knowing some, the practitioner becomes more aware if his chosen martial art suits the search you need.
Respect all martial arts because I believe that every practitioner should look for in each of them what they need. I met with traditional karate because it keeps essences and values of the great teachers who gave so much to leave their legacy to the world.

3) Do you think that the practice of martial arts as a better person? What notice it more often?
martial arts in my opinion, balance body, mind and spirit, who understands this balance realizes that his life begins to tune with the harmony of the universe, that automatically makes people different in every sense of their lives.

4) Do you think that martial arts practice allowed him to perform better in their profession? Why? Almost
this question is related to the previous answer, if you ring in the same note as the universe you live your life and family differently, enjoying every minute of life to the fullest.

5) What is the first thing you say to a beginner?
The first thing you say to a practitioner, is the same as my teachers told me when I was a beginner.
Slow and quiet, this is for a lifetime.

6) Could you summarize the codes of life or values \u200b\u200bthat you feel that you brought the martial arts?
Martial arts are not taught to fight, pass the legacies for which they were created, respect, courage to face life, and prepares us to confront the most important rival, ourselves with our ego.
In the beginning were created for war, people eventually incorporated them as a way of life.

7) What about the violence in society today? Do you think that if you supplement school education with practice martial arts could help reverse the situation?
All times were tough, life is not easy, that's the main attraction.
The problem is that humans lose their sense of what they were created, in my opinion is to live in harmony with everything around us.
Violence is not only the loss of balance, this will confuse people with false ambitions, believing that the most it is the most powerful.
If schools were issued martial arts classes, children grow up with values \u200b\u200bthat they teach, it automatically would happier and adults with actual values.
Young people today do not know where to go or for here, is to accompany us, not judge otherwise, becoming the violent youth would be aimless.
worst thing we can do is do nothing.

8) Do you think that martial arts practice in these times retains the original spirit or in many cases distorted the original concept and turned into a business?
believe that evil is not he who teaches a martial art copper its tariff, because it is in many cases living in their teaching, which does not seem right is that they think more money than what is taught.
Personally I think if you do not need to live the teaching of martial arts teaching is very good with a low tariff to keep the place of education and expenses, and if any students think that no money should train without paying nothing, because when a person is going through a difficult time we can not deny him the opportunity to continue on the road, otherwise this is where the spirit of what we learned disappears. And we did not understand anything.

9) Can you give your opinion, if applicable, how martial arts can influence the business world today? Do codes or values \u200b\u200bof the martial arts help to build better business? What better leaders? and finally, what better person?
The martial arts are capable of achieving the most wonderful things that people can imagine.

Many thanks, please clear your name, your martial art, and his school graduation. Marcelo Fabian Rey

- 3rd Dan in Shorin Ryu Karate-do Goju Ryu Sensei School
traditional Norberto Caruso 9 ° dan in karate-do
- Beginning in the practice of Aikido Sensei Ricardo Corbal.


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