Saturday, September 18, 2010

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HERB SALSA VERDE Recipe: Green Salad, Chicken and Mayonnaise Recipe

A salad as well known but will show in this recipe, we can present a very different and stylish, not forgetting the food enters the eyes first and then at the mouth! An easy recipe that is sure to enchant your home!.

5 to 6 people: 1 kilo of
carrots 1 stick celery
1 bunch fresh parsley arbejitas
200 g / peas cooked
4 Cornichon / pickles
mayonnaise (enough to stick the ingredients well together)
salt and pepper to taste 2
statutes / chicken legs


In a saucepan put Statutes / chicken legs, peeled carrots, celery rod, potatoes / potatoes, cover with water, season with salt and pepper and cook until vegetables and chicken are cooked.

Then remove the vegetables and chicken caerola (save the broth, it can serve for another recipe )....

Then when the vegetables have cooled, chop into small cubes, chop the chicken meat also, pickles and add peas / arbejitas, mayonnaise, chopped coriander denuevo season with salt and pepper if is necessary and mix gently ......

Then put the preparation into a mold for cakes removable medium, according to decorate over the inspiration of each one, remove the pan gently and serve the salad.

remains beautiful and delicious!

Bon appetit!


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